Friday, 29 July 2011

Patchworks Part 1

Cutting, matching and sewing the many pieces of clothes to form a bigger piece... that is my understanding of a patchwork... be it a blanket, table runner, wall hang or pillow case...

my sister and I share the same passion... patchwork.. i used to do it few years back only to find out that it's time consuming and I don't have time to do it after gave birth to my first child..

some of our collections are sold. I post some photos of the blankets, in Bidayuh we call it japuo.
The japuo patchwork blankets are carefully sewn by machine, cotton cloth (not used but bought new) and flannel cloth underneath it. I like the colour combination. See them for yourself...

This was sold to a cousin.
Price : RM130.00
Size : Queen Size

I call this grandma patch. Simple yet nice to see and hold.
Sold at RM90.00.
Queen size.

For Sale.
Price : RM160  + RM8 postage.
Material : Cotton (Patches), Flannel (Underneath)

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  1. good job! keep it up..mun koda oku de malas itis, disah negeh tu. Nidiek rajin geh dep eh nai topung siribu...